How Stencil Sizes are Determined


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How Stencil Sizes are Determined

Determining the size of an Alphabet Stencil

Alphabet Stencils can come in sizes of 1" up to 10". These sizes denote the height of the cut out stencil. The height is determined by the length of the Capital letter "A" from the baseline of the letter to the top of the character. The lower-case letters are in many cases 1/2 the height of their upper-case counterparts. The sizes of the lower-case letters are determined by the font of the text and are kept to the scale that's appropriate for that Alphabet.

Average width sizes for each Font are located in the Custom Order Form

The images below show how different fonts are measured.

This image shows how the upper-case and lower case letters will differ in size.


Determining the size of a regular Stencil

Stencil sizes come in 5"x7", 8"x10", and 11"x17". The size of the stencil will be the length of the cut out part of the longest side.

The Example below shows a 8"x10" Michael Jordan stencil. The Height is 10", however, the width may be shorter or bigger than 8". The border may also extend an inch or so out, making the whole stencil a few inches bigger. If you need a specific sized stencil, view the page for Custom Stencil Orders.




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