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Our People Stencil Pages include people in all sorts of different situations. There's stencils of Sports Players, Religious Figures, as well as dancers. There's lots of people pages, so if you don't see it on this page, go to the next. Browse the People Stencils and take what you need.

President George W. Bush Stencil
Woman Dancing Stencil
Vice President Dick Cheney Stencil
Woman at Computer Stencil
Fencer Stencil
Jesus Returning Stencil
Albert Einstein Stencil
Dancer Stencil
Young Einstein Stencil
Jim Morrison Stencil
Man At Desk Stencil
Woman Dancing Stencil
Man Throwing Stencil
Yoga Stencil
Man with Glasses Stencil

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Can't find the People Stencil you're looking for??? Email Us and let us know what stencils to add!